Hotel De Ville

Paul Johanis


Hotel de Ville


 Sitting in my empty room on the second floor

The smell of stale perfume after another empty score

I’m not even trying to see where I‘m going, parts unknown

Just an endless stream of days and nights here on my own


I I don’t care what I, what I find behind, behind that door

All I had is gone, been taken away from me

My home, my life, my love, my little family


I get into a fight almost every night

My friends are asking me what’s gotten into me

There’s no answer just an empty space

A dark shadow across my face



I’m back in my lonely room, rue Hotel de Ville

Sitting in the gloom, shadow on me still

What’s it going take to get back home

Help me here for God’s sakes, hmm the telephone


Hello…..yeah.. no I, no I don't think so... no, no, for few months?..No, I don't think so.... maybe for good though.... yeah.... yeah for good