A Road Well Travelled

A Road Well Travelled

Gib and Paul

Gib Rozon was born in Val Tetreau Quebec and moved across the river to Ottawa after the death of his father in 1954. Gib was raised by his mom on Preston Street (Little Italy) from 1955 to 1964 after which they moved to Bronson Ave, until Gib was married in 1968.

During the 50’s, Gib always had an affinity for drums and guitar. He learned a few chords from his brother and started to imitate Elvis Presley at the age of twelve. At that time, many of Gib’s friends began playing instruments and he started playing in bands, at high schools, community dances etc. He played with the Imperial Five, who changed their name to The Characters in 1963. They recorded on the Red Leaf Label under the guidance of Vern Craig and Les Emerson of the Staccatos (Five Man Electrical Band). They had moderate success for a few years but dissolved in 1968. From then on Gib has played in numerous rock band including Jonas, Southern Justice (country band), the RYVYLS and most recently the Gib Rozon Band, mostly for pleasure and fun.

Paul grew up not too far away, just across the tracks in the old West End (Hintonburg). He was singing with local garage bands in 1964 and got his first guitar in 1965. Starting in 1967, Paul played with the Poets at teen dances and clubs all up and down the Ottawa valley. He studied classical and jazz guitar under Roddy Elias, who was teaching at Lauzon’s Music store back then, and took over as guitar instructor when Roddy moved on. But by 1970, he had pretty much dropped out of the music scene, though he continued to play guitar and did arrangements for beat spoken word artist Gipp Forster and poet Paul Savoie in 70s.

Gib and Paul got to know each other through work in the 1990s but they did not collaborate musically until Paul got back into making music, with CDs in 2012 and 2013, when he asked Gib to play at the release parties. Afterwards, they played some gigs together and Gib played a few shows with Paul’s Beatles cover band. In 2015, Gib and Paul reunited to work on a CD for a friend of theirs, arranging and performing the tunes over a period of 11 months.

During this stint, they talked about creating their own project, writing, composing and arranging tunes together, as a duo, Gib & Paul. The result is this album, entitled A ROAD WELL TRAVELLED, twelve original songs covering rock, blues, disco, Louisiana Cajun and soft rock, reflecting the ups and downs, curves and straightaways of the roads both have travelled in their musical endeavours over the span of 50 some years.

Gib & Paul would like to thank the following musicians who have given their time, their talent and, most of all, their friendship, on this project: 1- Al G. Rozon (Gib’s son) Vocals 2- Quentin Bell – Drums and percussion 3- Robert Dillon – Lead and Rhythm Guitar 4- Rob Alexander – Accordion and Keys 5- Jack Denovan – Piano and Keys 6- Robert “Zeek” Gross – Saxes and sax arrangements

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