Working at the Beach Foundry 

My first full time job was at the Beach Foundry in 1970. My father had worked there for 20 years at the time and he got me in. I lasted one year but he eventually worked there for 28 years, leaving just before the plant closed permanently. It was one of the last industrial employers in the old west end, which along with Sperry Gyroscope and Capital Wire in the two blocks north and west of the Parkdale market, provided employment for general and skilled labour for the local menfolk (the only woman ever to…

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Bunkin' on Ladouceur 

OK, here is everything you need to know about bunking. Imagine a cold, snowy night in the narrow streets of the old west end, say a street like Ladouceur. It might look like this.



Now this is what Bob Dylan had to say about bunking.  

"The things I did growing up were the things I thought everybody did - march in parades, have bike races, play ice hockey. (Not everyone was expected to play football or basketball or even baseball, but you had to know how to skate and play ice hockey.) The usual…

A Band on Every Corner 

In the old west end in the 1960s, there were LOTS of garage bands. This song tells a story about being in a local band at the time, based on my own experience. (You can find the lyrics and streaming audio of the song under the Music tab.) Musical highlights like the guitar lick in Johnny B. Good or the drumming in Wipeout inspired kids to get into music, even before the British Invasion. When I was around 12, I met this bunch of guys a little older than me, who had a band. I would hang out with them…

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Have you ever been for a walk down Wellington Street? 

Exotic, mystical, scary, exciting, interesting. Taking a walk down Wellington Street can be  all of those things. Everything happens on Wellington Street. It is an old street, full of stories, full of lfe. Fifty years ago, and still today, it is a bustling and lively place. Running from the railway tracks to the east, to where it turns into Richmond Road to the west, it is the commercial artery of the old west end, drawing people from all over the neighbourhood, and further afield.  


Going to the movies…

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Track listing for Living in the Old West End 

Just over one month left before the release of the CD on May 27. I am still waiting for the actual CDs to be delivered from the manufacturers. It should be this week some time. I am getting 300 produced for local sale and distribution.


There are 10 tracks on the CD. Here is the track listing and running order:

1. FiPaHi

2. I'm a Keeper

3. Bunkin' on Ladouceur

4. St François

5. Wellington Street

6. A Band on Every Corner

7. Butchie's Song

8. Speak Right, What Is It?

9. Working at the Beach Foundry 


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Jonesey website launched! 

Big milestone today! After getting on MySpace, setting up a YouTube account, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and going all social media, turns out you still need a proper website if you want to get everything out there. So here it is,, where you can find out everything you want to know about Jonesey and his music but were afraid to ask. You can even ask!


On Jonesey101, you will find information on upcoming events, a biography, song lyrics and the story behind them, photos…

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Upcoming shows and events

Previous events

Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Concert

Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray St., Ottawa, ON

The Beatles swan song, Abbey Road, was released on September 26 1969. They knew this would be their last record together, and listening to it is a deeply moving experience for Beatles fans old and new. To mark the 50th anniversary of this release, Jonesey and Friends (Paul Johanis, Aaron Reid, Michel Cloutier, Gil Charron and David Ranger) will be playing the entire album live on Saturday September 28 at the Rainbow Bistro. This will be the last of the 50th anniversary Beatles concerts put on by Jonesey and Friends, having now performed a live version of every album from Beatlemania in November 2013 to the White Album last year. Come for the chance to hear this masterpiece live, stay for the Beatles dance party afterwards.  

$10 in advance, $15 at the door

Rooftop Concert 50th anniversary show

The Record Centre, 1099 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario

On January 30 1969, the Beatles gave an impromptu concert on the roof of their Apple Studio in London. To mark the 50th anniversary of this event, which was the Beatles' final live performance, Jonesey and friends will perform the songs from the rooftop concert, and from the Get Back/Let it Be sessions, in a matinee show at The Record Centre. It's pay what you want. Get your Beatles fix while browsing the vinyl stacks.  

Pay what you want

White Album - Black Friday

Rainbow Bistro, 72 Murray St., Ottawa, ON

The Beatles released the White Album on November 22, 1968. We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of this momentous release on Black Friday, November 23, 2018, with a full concert performance of the album, from cover to cover (well, maybe not all of Revolution 9). Jonesey has assembled a seven member main band, a string quartet, a horn section, a choir, and special guest singer to give it the full production treatment, live. 



Abbey Road 50th Anniversary concert

A Road Well Travelled

Jonesey's third CD, with Gib Rozon, released March 1, 2017


Jonesey's second CD, released in August 2013

Living in the Old West End

Jonesey's first CD, released May 2012