Working at the Beach Foundry

My first full time job was at the Beach Foundry in 1970. My father had worked there for 20 years at the time and he got me in. I lasted one year but he eventually worked there for 28 years…

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Bunkin' on Ladouceur

OK, here is everything you need to know about bunking. Imagine a cold, snowy night in the narrow streets of the old west end, say a street like Ladouceur. It might look like this.



Now this is what Bob Dylan…

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A Band on Every Corner

In the old west end in the 1960s, there were LOTS of garage bands. This song tells a story about being in a local band at the time, based on my own experience. (You can find the lyrics and streaming…

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Have you ever been for a walk down Wellington Street?

Exotic, mystical, scary, exciting, interesting. Taking a walk down Wellington Street can be  all of those things. Everything happens on Wellington Street. It is an old street, full of stories, full of lfe. Fifty years ago, and still today, it…

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Jonesey website launched!

Big milestone today! After getting on MySpace, setting up a YouTube account, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and going all social media, turns out you still need a proper website if you want to get everything out there. So…

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Upcoming shows and events

The Beatles Big Breakup Show, 50 years later

The Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street, Ottawa

On April 10 1970, Paul announced he was leaving The Beatles. By the end of the week, it was all over. The Beatles were done. Come and commiserate with other Beatles fans, 50 years later, at the Beatles Big Breakup Show. Hurtin' songs by the Beatles, with Jonesey and Friends (Paul Johanis, Aaron Reid, Michel Cloutier, Gil Charron and David Ranger). Songs from the full Beatles repertoire, from their debut album to the bitter end. Saturday April 18 at the Rainbow Bistro, legendary home of the blues in Ottawa. (May be cancelled due to pandemic).