Track listing for Living in the Old West End

Just over one month left before the release of the CD on May 27. I am still waiting for the actual CDs to be delivered from the manufacturers. It should be this week some time. I am getting 300 produced for local sale and distribution.


There are 10 tracks on the CD. Here is the track listing and running order:

1. FiPaHi

2. I'm a Keeper

3. Bunkin' on Ladouceur

4. St François

5. Wellington Street

6. A Band on Every Corner

7. Butchie's Song

8. Speak Right, What Is It?

9. Working at the Beach Foundry 

10. Merton


All the songs relate to some experience or period during my youth growing up in Hintonburg and are arranged in chronological order. FiPAHi was the name of the yearbook for Fisher Park High School. I never went to school there but the first nine years of my life were spent in a house right across the street. This song is set in 1960 or so. The last song is Merton, the name of a street in Hintonburg where my young family was starting out, eleven year later, in 1971. The other songs are set various times between these two bookends.         


Artists are sometimes coy about whether their songs are autobiographical. In my case, let me be clear. You can read me like a book in these songs. In starting out on this new musical path, I felt I had to go back and reconnect with where I was from and where I left off making music forty years ago. It is a fertile source of inspiration for me. 


In future blogs, I will provide information on each song's lyrics and background. Think of them as little history lessons on the old west end.   

Back cover of the CD, with track listing     


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