A Road Well Travelled: CD
  • A Road Well Travelled: CD
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Paul Johanis and Gib Rozon had so much fun co-arranging and performing on a friend’s recording project in 2015 that they decided to record this album, writing and composing songs together, as GIB & PAUL.

They both have had a long series of musical adventures dating from the early 1960s to the present and their songs are about their travels over the decades, through highs and lows, some happy, some sad. It’s truly been A Road Well Travelled. An upbeat mix of roots rock and blues, with other spicy flavours thrown in, a lot of heart and soul went into the making of this record. They would like to thank the following musicians (all of them personal friends) for their contribution:

Quentin Bell: Drums and percussion Robert (Rob) Dillon: Guitar Robert (Rob) Alexander: Accordion, piano and synth Jack Denovan: Piano and Organ Robert (Zeek) Gross: Alto and tenor sax And tip of the hat to Gib’s son, Al G. Rozon, for lead vocals on Lord Knows I Paid My Dues

GIB & PAUL - Paul: Guitars, bass, organ, piano, lap steel guitar, harmonica, Zoom drum machine and vocals (lead and harmonies) - Gib: Guitars, bass and vocals (lead and harmonies), Zoom drum machine and Band in a Box programming

All lyrics, music composition and arrangements by PAUL JOHANIS AND GIB ROZON. Sax arrangements by Zeek Gross.

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