1. FiPaHi

From the recording Living in the Old West End

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Sitting on my front porch, after school, I see you walk by,
Talking with your friends, oh they’re so cool, and waving goodbye
When you’re standing over there,
Can’t you see how much I care?
One day I’ll be going to FiPaHi.
Summer days are coming, in the park, I see you have fun,
Warming breezes blowing, after dark, young lovers as one
All I want is to be that guy
All I know is that if I try
One day I’ll be going to FiPaHi
Take my time and learn to say the words you know
All the while the stars conspire for our love to grow.
Now I’ve grown, the memories of you are all that’s still there
Friends and lovers, wives and children, those for whom I do care
They’re the ones who passed me by
It doesn’t matter now if I try
Guess I won’t be going to FiPaHi
Guess I won’t be going to FiPaHi
I will never go to FiPaHi.